Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Runaway Gingerbread Man

Down in the kitchen, while we were busy baking, one of our gingerbread men escaped! His name was Brownie! Ms. Leonard noticed he had disappeared from the baking tray. We were all shocked! We were very sad about it because we couldn't find him anywhere. 
When we got back to class, there was flour all over our classroom floor. Mr. Bracken was with us and we all spotted the gingerbread man on the floor with flour all around him. 

Mr. Bracken tried to pick Brownie up but the gingerbread man moved!! He caught Brownie and then Ms. Leonard helped to put the gingerbread man in a box! His head came off! Poor Brownie! Thanks to Mr. Bracken and Ms. Leonard for helping to save the day! If any more gingerbread men have escaped and run into your class, let us know, we know what to do!!

Gingerbread Men

Today in Room 12, we got to bake in the kitchen. We made Gingerbread Men. Some of the ingredients are ginger, cinnamon, butter, lots of sugar and syrup, flour and bread soda. Did you smell the baking from your classroom? They smell delicious!!

Working on our movement skills

We are very lucky in Room 12 because Siobhan and Claire came in to do movement workshops with us. It was so much fun. Thank you Siobhan and Claire!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Baking For fun!

We made brown bread in the kitchen.
Did you smell it?

World Book Day 

 We went to Easons to get books. We had a token. It was brilliant and very exciting.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Slime Experts!

Room 12 had lots of fun making slime. We made stretchy, silky, gooey slime first. We used glue, contact lens solution and bread soda mixed together. Then we made fluffy slime using shaving foam, glue, contact lens solution and bread soda. It was brilliant and exciting!